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Scale Models For Industry

Model Maker Studio creates visually stunning physical models to help our clients capture new projects and new markets. We build successful models that demonstrate your industrial products and services. Standing in front of a master crafted model made by Model Maker Studio gives tangible dimensions to your products and projects in a viseral way that impresses your clients and gets the results you want.

"The model was a huge success at the Interphex biopharmaceutical trade show and drew a lot of attention to our booth. The model is a success everywhere we take it"
-Midé Technology Corporation
“I have recommended you to my fellow coworkers and will try to ensure that Midé uses you in the future. Thank you very much for all your help,”
-B. Szafran, ESA Renewables LLC
“Wow! The model looks amazing! I am so excited to show our team. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I will definitely let you know about future projects”

Northwest Airlines

Oracle ®
SWA Group

Tesla Motors
United Airlines, Inc.

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G-CON is designing the future of bio-pharmaceutical processing with flexible, scalable cleanroom solutions. They needed an effortless way to communicate the benefits of their complex, cutting edge products like the portable continuous miniature modulator. I created a 3D rendering for G-CON to approve and then brought the model to life with durable laser-cut, custom-painted plexi.

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U.S. AIR FORCE needed training systems for repairing damaged airfields. From design to manufacturing, these Airfield Damage Repair Training Tables have been meticulously modeled with field-accurate craters and 500+ custom vehicles to give trainees the essential information and authentic experience they need before going out on a dangerous job.