VA 2030 Architectural Model

This large architectural model shows how the current VA Palo Alto Campus will look in 2030 once all the new buildings and site changes have been completed. At 1:480 or 1" = 40', the actual sizes of the structures are very small, most are around 2" tall. Therefore the decision was made to start by digitally creating everything. This allowed the client to preview the design and give feedback on the model as a whole. Many of the buildings were still going through design changes while the model was being made. The structures were then 3D printed to achieve the structural, architectural, finish and color detail not possible with traditional model making techniques at this scale. The site plan was also digitally designed and printed for a full range of colors and textures with sharp detail.

-Tom Suiter, Head of Enjoy Creative
“Keith is an amazingly talented artist. He was very instrumental in helping our young agency land many new clients due to his “magical talents”. I can’t say enough great things about Keith. Patient, persistent, hard working, innovative. And more...”
-SWA Group
“Model Maker Studio is one of the best model making services out there. Their knowledge of 3D design and 3D printing helped us successfully present our vision to our clients.”
-Midé Technology Corporation
“I have recommended you to my fellow coworkers and will try to ensure that Midé uses you in the future. Thank you very much for all your help,”

Bank of America
De Young Museum
Foster & Partners
Hauser & Wirth Gallery
Herrero Boldt

Northwest Airlines
Smith Group

SWA Group
Tesla Motors
U.S. Navy
U.S. Air Force
Veterans Administration
Yale University

Custom Scale Models

The client's goal for this luxury residential project in Barbados was to work out design issues during the 3D modeling phase and receive a elegant physical model when their design was completed. There were over 15 design iterations for this project. With each iteration, the client would receive a web link and be able spin around their 3D virtual model, take screen shots and mark up with new changes.  A very easy process. The finished physical buildings are 3D printed with a laser cut eco friendly bamboo site.


Google Campus Scale Model

The client had a incredibly short two month deadline for us to produce this very large 16 foot by 16 foot design concept model. The model pushed the edge of digital manufacturing, from CNC milling over 80 canopy pieces, laser cutting glass and wood for all the interior walls and floors, to CNC milling solid wood to make the surrounding landscape. The physical model had to be accurate, look great and made as islands that pull apart so people could walk 'through' the building to see into the interior rooms and platforms.



VA Historical Model

This 6 foot by 6 foot exhibition model beautifully compares the 1917 U.S. Army Base Hospital to its transformation into America's first Veterans Administration hospital in Menlo Park, California in 1924.  The light color Army buildings illustrate the construction of individual template buildings while the dark color VA buildings illustrate construction of a complete template hospital (for Mental Health). Many historical photos and site plans were studied to design everything correctly. Since most of the building models are only 1/2" tall, advanced 3D printing was used to print the structural forms and the sharp detailed graphic windows, doors and additional architectural features.