3D Renderings For Architecture

This image of the future Veterans Administration Fisher House in Palo Alto is completely virtual. The building, trees, grass and sky are all 3D modeled, textured and rendered. This image is real world physically accurate, meaning we are seeing what it will look like once it's physically built. The lighting is real. The scale is real and the materials are real. 3D renderings, animations and VR allows you to experience your design projects in real time. That is the power of physically based architectural visualization. Model Maker Studio create stills and animations using the Iray rendering system and real-time walk-throughs using the Unreal Engine real-time engine.


Apple Retail Environmental Design

Apple opened its first retail store in 2001. I was responsible for the early use of 3D virtual renderings to test interior design ideas for this first store. I worked on environmental graphics for that initial, enduring Apple store. Today, there are over 490 stores in 20 countries. A lot has changed in 15 years but the stores interior design remains open, modern and sleek. My 3D work made sure Apple got their design system right from the very start. I rendered studies for the retail environment and created various in-store solutions while the stores' architecture look was till evolving.


Interior Design Visualization

Working with the Brayton Hughes design firm, I used physically based 3D materials and lighting to model and render interior design studies for Southwest Banking. The goal was to discover the best design solution that made the bank feel as comfortable as a home.